Henna tattoo

Last summer I got a henna tattoo at a festival in my neighbourhood. It was a long time ago since I had my last one so I thought ‘time for a new one!’ I like henna tattoos a lot but I get tired of them very fast. So it’s great they don’t last very long. The woman who did it said it would last 2 weeks but I think it stayed on my hand for a month. I always like it more when the henna is still on my hand, it’s black and looks like it has more details.


What do you guys think about henna tattoos?


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New Tattoo

My new tattoo is placed on my right foot and means a lot to me. The placement did hurt a lot more then my previous tattoo which is placed on the back of my neck. My foot tattoo only took like 10/15 minutes and the one on my neck 1.5hours. I couldn’t have stand this pain for 1.5hours I think. It’s still not completely healed and I probably have to go back because it’s fading. This because the skin on your feet is really hard to heal.

‘Art never comes from happiness’ is a quote of Chuck Palahniuk. My interpretation is that everything in the past has made me who I am and I think you can’t know the world without knowing hurt. I also make more ‘art’ when I’m sad because I have a lot more inspiration then. The past made me who I am now and I don’t mind all the hurt, because I don’t think a would be a better person when my life is all rainbows and butterflies.

Remember, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!


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