Hey guys! Maybe a late post about halloween, but I wanted to share it with you! I love getting dressed up and doing my makeup so a halloween party sounded very tempting. The past month I came across a lot of ideas for doing my makeup on halloween. So I finally decided to go as a baby deer! I did also the makeup of a friend who wanted to go as a fox. We both found a few picture of what we wanted and I tried my best to make us look awesome!! Another friend of me did her skull inspired look very nice. It was an amazing night!

What were you on Halloween?

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Orange Fever

Hey guys! I forget to take picture when I was doing these nails, so there’s no tutorial. But it’s not that hard to create so I’ll try to explain it.

Just paint your nails in a color you like, I used orange. I applied 3 stripes of white to create the front. You can use a nail art tool or a toothpick to create the random dots. The black stripes on the white are the same technique I used in my previous post ‘Painted canvas’.

Last but not least apply a top coat to seal everything!

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