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Stone Nails

Hey guys! I know I’m not posting a lot lately and I’m sorry about that. I hope it’s going to change from now on. So today I want to show you my nails from last week. They didn’t came out as I thought they would but I still think they look nice. I forgot to take pictures of each step so I’m going to try to explain how I did this. First I painted my nails blue and dapped with a make up sponge some gold on top of it. For the black I used the water marble technique and tada!! A top coat and I was ready to go!

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101 Dalmatians

Hey guys!! This is what my nails looked like last week. I love this look so much! First I’m in love with white nail polish but to make it a little bit less harsh I added my confettis nail polish from L’Oréal. I like the confettis nail polish so much, it just fits on every nail polish. I also want to try it on black nail polish, think it would give also an awesome result.

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Nude Reloaded

If you need to go to a party or just want to revamp your nails, but you’re already wearing nude nail polish.. I have the perfect solution for you guys!! Just add some cute glitter, you can choose where you put it on your nails. I chose to put it only on the side of the cuticles, but you can also create a gradient beginning on the top of your nails. An other way is just to put the glitters all over your nails. Your nails will go from subtle to eyecatching. I used a beautiful glitter nail polish from L’Oréal called ‘Sequin Explosion’.


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First Photo Tutorial

Hey guys! I’m so excited to show you my first nail tutorial. I hope you like it, because I’m in love with my new nails!

First start with a base coat and after that I chose to use a white nail polish as the base of my nail art, but you can do it with any color you like. Wait until this is completely dry and then apply tape to your nails. I made triangles on my nails, but you can do other things also. I chose three colors of nail polish that I dapped on my nails with a foundation sponge, you can find this in any drugstore. When you’ve done that you remove the tape and it already looks awesome! You just have to clean up your cuticle with nail polish remover and add a top coat to seal your new nail art design. I found my inspiration on this amazing blog:, I think she has awesome ideas!

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Hey guys!! I’m in love with this nail polish from Chanel. It’s so fascinating and beautiful, but like hell to get it on picture. I think Chanel is a little bit too expensive because I’m still a student and I need money for other things. But I wanted this nail polish really bad, so I bought it. It’s so pretty!! It looks pinkish purple in the bottle, with a lot of mini glitters. But when you apply it it’s more dark purple with blue and pink glitters in it. It gives me a little bit of a gothic feel. I can’t stop staring at it so that’s a really good sign! I’m so glad I like it!

Have you guys had any experiences with Chanel nail polish?

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