Silky Red & Black Cherry

Hey guys!! It has been a long time! But now I’m ready for a new school year and a lot of new posts. This is a friend wearing a matt lipgloss of Essence called ‘Silky Red’. I absolutely love the matt lipglosses of Essence. They have so much pigment and don’t stick at all.

I’m wearing the ‘Black Cherry’ lipstick of Barry M. I like Barry M a lot and it kind of sucks they are not available where I live. But it’s a good excuse to go to London!

When I wear lipstick it doesn’t stay for a long time, so I find myself not wearing it often. Do you guys have tricks to make it stay?

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Lip Care Routine

Hey guys! Today I want to show you my lip care routine. Every evening I put on some lip balm so my lips can be hydrated the whole night. In the morning after brushing my teeth I also ‘brush’ my lips. This to remove the lip balm that was on my lips all night and to make my lips softer. Sometimes, but not every day, I use my lip scrub from Lush to remove the dead skin of my lips. I love this lip scrub! It tastes and smells so good! After I use the lip scrub I always apply some Vaseline. I always use Vaseline through the day when my lips feel like it. Vaseline is always the best solution when you have chapped lips.

What’s your lip care routine?

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