Silky Red & Black Cherry

Hey guys!! It has been a long time! But now I’m ready for a new school year and a lot of new posts. This is a friend wearing a matt lipgloss of Essence called ‘Silky Red’. I absolutely love the matt lipglosses of Essence. They have so much pigment and don’t stick at all.

I’m wearing the ‘Black Cherry’ lipstick of Barry M. I like Barry M a lot and it kind of sucks they are not available where I live. But it’s a good excuse to go to London!

When I wear lipstick it doesn’t stay for a long time, so I find myself not wearing it often. Do you guys have tricks to make it stay?

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6 thoughts on “Silky Red & Black Cherry

  1. I was wearing a colour very similar to your ‘black cherry’ today! I love the colour however I’ve ust had dinner and it faded on my inner lip – SO annoying! I have used ‘lipcote’ in the past though – it healp to seal your lip colour so that it doesn’t fade/have to reapplying it every 20 minutes! xxx

  2. Love the black cherry. Tips to keeping lipstick lasting longer. Try sally hansen invisible lip liner it makes my lipstick last longer and stops it from bleeding. I have done a review on this on my blog. If you are free, would be great if you could check out my blog on x

  3. Hi Amber, lovely lipcolours! 🙂
    I’ve tried different things too to keep my lipstick from feathering or smudging. I love L’Oréal Infallible Lipstick; it’s like a stain that lasts 16h! If you’re interested, I wrote a review on these lipsticks that will be online the 1st of October on my blog. You’re welcome to read it if you find the time. Ofcourse, that doesn’t make your other lipsticks smudge-proof, so I also use Lipcote for my other lipsticks.
    Good luck!

  4. Use Lipcote if you can never get your lipstick to stay on, it’s really good.

  5. Perfect lipstick!
    Why don’t you visit my blog?
    Thank you 😉

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