After ‘The Man With The Golden Gun’, OPI came with another golden nail polish, but this time in white gold and silver. It’s the polish called ‘Pure’ from the Mariah Carey Collection. I wanted ‘The Man With The Golden Gun’, but unfortunately it was sold out everywhere when I found out about it. I was very happy to see there was a new one! I love this nail polish so much, it goes well on almost everything. It really spices up your nails.

What do you guys think?


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25 thoughts on “Pure


  2. Pretty mani! 🙂

  3. Love it. I need to add this to our collection.

  4. beautiful! never seen a color like this and the gold flecks are amazing, of course this would be by mariah carey.

  5. How pretty and delicate looking, I like!

  6. That looks gorgeous! I’ve been wanting one of those gold flake polishes for ages, but I can never justify the price.

    • Thank you!! I know the price is wy too high, it did hurt a lot to buy it but I’m in love with it!

  7. love the gold on the nails

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  9. It’s very pretty and dainty!

  10. That’s such a gorgeous colour!

  11. daydreamerss

    Love it!! It’s such a nice color, I’m definitely buying!

  12. Wow it’s gorgeous !!!!!

  13. Hi darling, can I tag you?
    I just did the 7 deadly sins of make-up tag and I think your answers would make for an interesting read. 🙂


  14. This is absolutely gorgeous.

  15. How elegant! Your nail art is so phenomenal! Now whether I can recreate this at home…. That’s another story 😉

  16. veenakg

    This colour is lushh!

  17. Pretty! I love this color it looks amazing.

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