New Tattoo

My new tattoo is placed on my right foot and means a lot to me. The placement did hurt a lot more then my previous tattoo which is placed on the back of my neck. My foot tattoo only took like 10/15 minutes and the one on my neck 1.5hours. I couldn’t have stand this pain for 1.5hours I think. It’s still not completely healed and I probably have to go back because it’s fading. This because the skin on your feet is really hard to heal.

‘Art never comes from happiness’ is a quote of Chuck Palahniuk. My interpretation is that everything in the past has made me who I am and I think you can’t know the world without knowing hurt. I also make more ‘art’ when I’m sad because I have a lot more inspiration then. The past made me who I am now and I don’t mind all the hurt, because I don’t think a would be a better person when my life is all rainbows and butterflies.

Remember, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!


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12 thoughts on “New Tattoo

  1. That’s awesome…I just Love it. And very much agree…Art in any form..

  2. I have just 1 tattoo, also on my foot. It hurt so much that I really don’t think I can go through that again. I would love more tattoos; if they could appear on my body as by magic, that would be perfect 😀

  3. I love this and the perfect quote!

  4. they did a really great job! My next tattoo is going to be a gigantic peacock on my back

  5. I absolutely adore this! The font is also amazing!

  6. that is a beautiful tattoo, we love the font!
    xx Vera & Rony

  7. This is one of the coolest quotes I’ve ever come across! 🙂 And it really looks great! I’m not at all into tattoos but I really wouldn’t mind wearing a tattoo like this 🙂

    • Aw, thank you! This means a lot to me 🙂 My dad is not at all into tatoos but when he saw the one I got he didn’t mind 🙂

  8. This looks beautiful!

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