101 Dalmatians

Hey guys!! This is what my nails looked like last week. I love this look so much! First I’m in love with white nail polish but to make it a little bit less harsh I added my confettis nail polish from L’Oréal. I like the confettis nail polish so much, it just fits on every nail polish. I also want to try it on black nail polish, think it would give also an awesome result.

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28 thoughts on “101 Dalmatians

  1. This is super cute .. and also reminded me of cookies and cream. x

  2. Aww yeh love this! And yes ‘if the lipstick could talk’ lol it reminds me of cookies & cream too :0)

  3. Love… Reminds me of an Oreo Blizzard from Dairy Queen! YUM😋

  4. lovely!! 🙂

  5. That’s so cute! I never even thought of glitters as dalmatian spots before 😀

  6. I really want to give this a try. I love it.


  7. Wow this is so cool! I have a similar nail polish myself, might have to try it over a white basecoat now 🙂



  8. That looks absolutely amazing!

  9. so beautiful

  10. Hey, I love your blog so I’ve nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award in my post:


  11. I bet that is really striking to see in reality. Love what you’ve done 🙂

  12. So pretty!


  14. So pretty! Now I want to go out and look for that nailpolish! 🙂

  15. MyDailyNailDesigns

    u hv cute blog 🙂

  16. alwayslovetheskinyourein

    so pretty

  17. Hello, I love this look that I went out and bought myself the maybeline nail polish and I did one hand white like this and the other hand black. They both look amazing, I love it because I thought the white dots wouldnt show as much on the black but they did, check out my blog for pictures I titled it Black & White. thank you & have a beautiful week ❤

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