Hey guys!! I’m in love with this nail polish from Chanel. It’s so fascinating and beautiful, but like hell to get it on picture. I think Chanel is a little bit too expensive because I’m still a student and I need money for other things. But I wanted this nail polish really bad, so I bought it. It’s so pretty!! It looks pinkish purple in the bottle, with a lot of mini glitters. But when you apply it it’s more dark purple with blue and pink glitters in it. It gives me a little bit of a gothic feel. I can’t stop staring at it so that’s a really good sign! I’m so glad I like it!

Have you guys had any experiences with Chanel nail polish?

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28 thoughts on “Taboo

  1. This nail color is so beautiful! I am yet to get my hands on any of the luxury fashion brands and satisfy myself with cheaper options available. But I guess all of us do deserve a treat once in a while 🙂
    Thanks for sharing this lovely photograph 🙂
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  2. myhartjie

    Unfortunately not, but that colour looks gorgeous! I have something similar – lighter shade – from Revlon :/

  3. Love the nails.

  4. HardlyAGuru

    I prefer the texture of YSL polishes but I recently bought Chanel’s Rose Cachee and loved it. I agree–it’s a bit excessive on a student budget but once in a while it’s a nice indulgence since I don’t wear nail polish often.

  5. I love that color! I was using Chanel in my 20s too…like in the 90s. It’s still my fave brand and really has staying power, even though it is a bit pricey. But indulge thyself! You only live once!

  6. Great color! I love vampy reds! I’ve never tried Chanel Polish, does it wear well? My manicures last me a day and a half if I’m lucky ;(

  7. Oh, I have this one, too! It’s a great colour. Chanel polishes are very pricey and can be a bit hit-and-miss, but their colours are fantastic. This particular one worked really well for me. Love it! Enjoy :o)

  8. I got a Chanel’s Malice nail polish for my birthday- its a dark red shade. Soo pricey though so I definitely wouldn’t be able to afford one usually on my student budget but having tried out a more expensive brand I did notice the difference in quality. Glad you love yours as much as I love mine! Check out my Studded Nail Tutorial on my page 🙂

    • I love you’re Studded Nail Tutorial!! Unfortunately I don’t know where to buy the ‘studs’ where I live 😦

      • Thank you! Im glad you liked it! Amazon and Ebay should sell them if you can get them delivered to you?

  9. This a great color! I love it!

  10. tanyadoodle

    Congratulations- You’ve won the Versatile Bloggers Award. Feel free to take it or leave it

  11. My favorite color! I love it!

  12. thats such a yummy colour!

  13. love this color of chanel

  14. That is such a pretty color! I’ve never tried Chanel polishes. But I’ve wanted Vamp since high school! haha!

  15. Chanel polishes are lovely but so pricey alas! This colour is fabulous – I may have to seek it out. Very glamourous

    • I think there a little bit too pricey, but I also think they’re worth it. I always wanted a Chanel nail polish and this is such a nice color, so I can’t be happier with it. But I’m not going to buy another Chanel nail polish in the next few years. It’s just too expensive for a student budget and I think other polishes are also good.

  16. Ohhh I’ve been meaning to buy some but can’t see to justify spending $30 on a bottle of nail polish but Chanel is one of my favorite designers so I might just bite the bullet and get a bottle. After reading your post I want one too! Hehe I’m glad it works so well, the color is gorgeous and I’m super glad to hear it doesn’t chip, I wash my hands so often I need something that will stay a few days at least. xo

    • It did a little bit when I had to spend so much money on it. But I think it was totally worth it! I’m not planning on buying a Chanel nail polish very soon because it’s just too expensive and I’m a student so..

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