Bad Hair Days

Hey guys! Everyone has those days when your hair just isn’t doing anything you want it to do. Well this is what I do when I have a day like this. I seperate my hair and make two braids (one braid on the left side and one on the right side of my head). Then I take one of them and tuck the end beneath the beginning of the other one and pin this with bobby pins. The clue of this look is using a lot of bobby pins! The braid I tucked under the other one needs to be pinned on different places on the back of your head. And then you do the same with the other braid until you think it will stay put and looks superawesome!! Tada, you have a classy, but still messy, hairstyle!

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31 thoughts on “Bad Hair Days

  1. liagoesvintage

    It is so pretty! 🙂

  2. This hairstyle looks so fabulous! Cannot wait until mine is long enough to braid!

  3. Looks great, makes me miss my long hair 🙂

  4. so simple yet really elegant.

  5. I love this, I think I just need my hair to grow that little longer – can’t wait! Hehe. Bx

  6. I love this style so much! Too bad it means like, three years of growing my hair out 😦 I could always go the fake route and get extensions…LOL.

  7. Looks really really pretty! I think Ill try it out tomorrow.

  8. That looks so cute! I don’t think I could pull that off even on a GOOD hair day though haha

    • Aw, thank you! Why not? I think everyone can pull this off 😉 Go for it!

      • Haha your hair is obviously more cooperative than mine then! I’ll give it a try though 😀

  9. alice

    Love it! And your tattoo as well. Now I gotta go rummage up enough bobby pins for this.. haha

  10. Love it! I am always trying to find ways to make my hair look pretty on days when it is doing EVERYTHING it can not to look good haha

  11. This is really cute!

  12. Really like your tattoo…….and the hair

  13. I just say my hair is “artfully tousled,” on bad hair days, but that ‘do looks amazing!

  14. tanyadoodle

    I love this! are they french braids or just normal ones?

  15. Mess Up Dreams

    I love it! I will try it right now! 😀

  16. that tattoo looks really good.\
    I love it.

  17. This hairstyle is so pretty! I’m going to try this out today!

  18. My sister would LOVE your tattoo!! I’m going to repost on my tumblr!! Love your braids too 🙂

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