Neon Green

I’m in love with the neon fluo trend. I don’t know why, I just love it! So, after painting my nails neon green with black sugar spuns, I also fell in love with this handbag from H&M. You can wear it as a clutch but also on your shoulder, you can go from casual to chic and back. Even my mother liked it and she hates green.

What do you think about it?

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9 thoughts on “Neon Green

  1. Love it! I also saw it this week at H&M and definitely gave it a second look… so many cute bags there right now!

  2. museconfuse

    I think it’s pretty cool since its just a pop of it. Not overly garish.

  3. I think it’s cute and we all know neon is trending so double win. Enjoy it. May I see the long strap?

  4. Saw this in H&M last week, love the whole look of it and it goes really well with the current neon trends 😉


  5. I really like that it is a pop of that green with black and silver and not a solid neon green bag. That little bit of color is so cute and lovely.

  6. missgabbles

    I love the neon colour, it really makes the bag’s features stand out!

  7. love the neon such a cute bag!

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