Hand Care Routine

Currently I’m using a hand balm of Essence, but I also like hand balms from Yves Rocher, Dove, etc. What I love the most is that there are hand balms for your hands and nails. They are usually super moisturising and that’s what you want if you have dry hands. I recently bought these ‘gloves’ from Essence. You have to put on a lot of hand balm and than put on the gloves and wait 15-30 minutes or you can sleep with them if you want super soft hands! If you have dry cuticles, I recommend to use Vaseline on them. But I also found this ‘Supermoisturising Nail Balm’ that works really fine! I don’t use it every day, but I could see result after a week. Usually, I use hand balm almost every day, especially in Winter.

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5 thoughts on “Hand Care Routine

  1. Does this work? I also have really dry skin and specially my hands. Please let me know because I sometimes see this same stuff and never buy it cuz IDK if it will actually do something. Thanks

    • I think it works a little bit, but you have to keep doing it, not just once a month. It does no miracle, but I think you have to keep moisturizing your skin, that’s the only thing that will work. There is a very good body lotion from Garnier that I love, it’s called ‘Intensive 7 Days’. Apparently there’s also a hand cream from ‘Intensive 7 Days’ 🙂

  2. how did you like this product? you should post an update!

    • I like them very much and I’m actually still using it, so still loving my hand care routine!

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